Style Chocolate Chip: Flamingo Bright

Flamingo Bright

Thursday, June 11, 2015

 Top- (is really a shift dress worn as a shirt, similar here and here) | Jeans - similar here and here | Bag- Dooney & Bourke | Scarf- via Nordstrom Rack (similar here)  | Watch- Michael Kors | Sandals- Zara (similar here)

Happy Thursday (aka Weekends Eve) !
So yesterday was one of those days, those awful nothing works out kinda days. I knew it was going to be a wierd day when I got crazyyyy jittery from overdosing on coffee and coke (yupppp my breakfast was a giant coffe, a bottle of Coke, BUT also a water bottle). Usually I'm fine with loads of caffeine but not yesterday. To not get into too many details about my day, I'll summarize by saying I literally, threw my hands in the air and said 'forget it'! By the end of the day I had to stop myself and just laugh. Sometimes things just don't go as you plan and that's life. What do you do? All you really can do is:  go to bed, sleep it off, and try again the next day.
On a brighter note, let me go on a quick ramble about how obsessed I am with anything Flamingo. I blame Kate Spade and their new line that has flamingo everything. I can't stop running into this cute print and I'm totally in love with it. Mainly because I love pink and second because I love birds... especially those that remind me of a magical tropical beach somewhere. (In my head flamingos live on beaches and are magical like unicorns). Maybe I just need a vacation OR maybe I need to ease off all the caffeine. For now ill take the retail therapy.


More of this cute flamingo print.....

Hope you like it, love it!
Thanks for reading !


  1. I love the pretty pink! The flamingo print is so fun and you can't go wrong with distressed white denim!

  2. Wow, that is one gorgeous scarf! Love all the colors in this look :)

    Abby of Life in the Fash Lane


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