Style Chocolate Chip: May 2013

Casual Comfort

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Shirt- Bloom | Jeans- Guess | Shoes- DV by Dolce Vita ( on Sale) | Jacket- Loft | Sunnies- Gap | 
Bag- Old | Bracelet- Poshlocket, 1st Betsey Johnson  and 2nd    | 

Well of course I'm wearing more mint. Predictable I know. Bare with me. 

Spring in Cali has been really warm in the day and cool at night. So for those chilly nights I throw on a light sweater, I luckily found this ultra comfy sweater jacket ( the fabric makes it comfy but the blazer style  makes it dressy- it gives an outfit a little more edge) . During these warmer days I find it odd to purchase sweaters of jackets because it doesn't seem natural. But I have found the cutie-est ( yes thats a word) cardis, jackets, blazers etc this spring season- stay tuned. The added layers add casual warmth to any evening or night. 

Hope you like my casual look! 

Hope you like it!, Love it!
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Slouchy Pants

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

 Top- old (similar)  | Pants- H&M | Shoes- Nine West | Bag- Old ( love this one) | Necklace- Juicy Couture | Sunnies- Gap | Bracelets- Kate Spade , Betsey Johnson, Stelladot | 

A small part of me feels like MC Hammer wearing slouchy pants ( I swear I want to break out in dance to 'You Can't Touch this') . My mind is pretty silly, and makes up scenarios in where my slouchy pants would be ultra cool- like a dance off. 

The other part of me feels chic. (I love that word) 
Slouchy pants that are actually cute... H&M you nailed it. These pants are ridiculously comfortable and chic
Slouchy Pants MC Hammer Pants that are cute? ... has to be chic- has to be. 

Hope you like it!, Love it!
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My Current Obsession

Friday, May 24, 2013

 Shirt- Express (now on Sale!) | Jacket - Zara | Jeans- Guess | Bag- Tory Burch | Sunnies- Prada
Bracelets- Kate Spade, Stelladot, Betsey Johnson | Watch- Betsey Johnson | Necklace- Juice Couture |

My favorite spring color is mint- and to no surprise mint is the color of my two new great lovers - this blazer and this bag. I fell in love with both of them instantly- they are my absolute favorite things in my closet!  What's a better color to contrast than neon yellow?! it doesn't exist- neon is a great color to inject into any outfit. Someone try and stop my mint and neon addiction...I date ya :)  yea I'm an addict to mint and neon- the best color combos....ever ! 

Have a great Weekend everyone! 


Hope you like it!, Love it!
Thanks for reading

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