Style Chocolate Chip: Visit to Teotihuacan: Tiered Ruffle top and Floral Sneakers

Visit to Teotihuacan: Tiered Ruffle top and Floral Sneakers

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

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So I'm finally back home and back to my regular schedule (or at least trying to catch up). If you follow along on my Instagram, you'll know we were in Mexico for a while. We ended up staying longer than we planned but it was not a trip we planned to begin with. We ended up going to Mexico for a family emergency and the days kinda just rolled into one another. We ended up staying three weeks- which went by in a blink of an eye. Nonetheless all that time off threw off my life and I am trying to pick up the pieces. I know that sounds so dramatic but I've had so many different emotions scrambling through my head lately. It feels really bizarre to be a blogger and constantly share images that portray a simple and prettier life; especially when life is everything but sometimes. And, it feels bizarre to feel like I have to hold back with what I do share about my personal life. The past weeks I constantly found myself struggling to caption posts because what I wasn’t thinking “oh this is cute, life is great.” AND, don’t get me wrong there were definitely great moments on our trip and those moments are the ones that make it on a picture and on my feed. I don’t want to turn this blog post into a negative one, because I strongly feel that staying positive is the key to feeling better, so I will quickly cut to one of the best trips we took while in Mexico.

This is actually my third time going to Teotihuacan. I had been there when I was younger and BUT I didn’t remember it that well. SO this time around a couple things caught me off guard that I wish I knew or remembered from before.

Summer in Mexico is their rainy season…and this means it rains every day. And, it doesn’t just sprinkle- it pours! However, the mornings are usually rain free, cloudy and sometimes sunny. We got lucky enough to pick a day that was sunny. BUT given the weather I didn’t think there could be a chance of getting sunburned.

So before you go make sure to take a backpack and pack it with the following:

This is an absolute must! I often take it for granted but packing it or even putting it on in the morning would have prevented the painful sunburn and all the current skin peeling. ugh.

2.     Cold drinks
So I assumed I could buy cold drinks there. And, yes they sell some there but they are inconveniently located. At the entrance and by the souvenir shops there are cold drinks but this is so far out of the way... that if you don't take some with you to hike to the top of pyramid you will surely be dehydrated or pass out. 

3.     Snacks
Again, this is because snacks and drink are so inconveniently located. We arrived and entered through Gate 1 which is a walk away from getting to the main pyramid (The SUN). So when we got to the bottom of the pyramid we were already hot and a little hungry. We ate some fruit we packed and made our way to the top of the pyramid. Once we got down we were tiered and definitely hungry. So we had to leave the park and go across the street to the restaurants to eat. I honestly wish we had packed sandwiches (or granola bars) to hold us over until we hiked the other pyramid (The Moon).

4.     Sunglasses and/or a hat
I didn’t pack a hat but I did luckily remember my sunglasses. It is so bright there that sunglasses are essential and so is a hat to help minimize sunburns.

5.     Take toilet paper
This is probably such a weird tip but yes you read that right…pack toilet paper. For some odd reason in Mexico basic restroom toiletries are not complimentary. There was a woman at the entrance giving out toilet paper and you give her a couple pesos. But she literally gives you a couple a sheets …there weren’t any toilet seat covers so most of my paper went to cover the seat. The second time I went to the restroom the lady wasn’t even there…but I had a tissue paper pack in my back pack and used that. ANYHOW, it’s uncomfortable to have toilet paper handed to you by a stranger- IT IS WEIRD. Also, there wasn’t soap…so take a hand sanitizer or small travel soap with you.

Get there early. There is a lot of walking and everything takes time to accomplish. And, you will want some time to just sit and take it all in…the views are breathtaking!

The hike up is tiring but not impossible. I do NOT have the best physical endurance and I was able to do it. There are handrails along all the steps. So this makes it easier to go up and down since some steps are chipped and small (some are not wide enough for your whole foot). Also, it is a steep way up. Some people get vertigo …which was more likely going down (again, the climb is steep). I luckily don’t get vertigo so the way down was easier and less crowed; making it easier to take in the view as you go down.

When you get to the top of the Sun Pyramid you will find people standing at the center trying to absorb energy. Teotihuacan means “Place of the Gods” and many believe it’s a place of with lots of energy- especially at the top of the pyramids. Many people were meditating and some did yoga.  There were also people with their hands up trying to absorb positive energy. Some people had crystals that are believed to attract positive energy. SO if you believe in this…take some crystals or crystal jewelry. Take some time to meditate and clear you mind.

Overall, it’s an amazing experience. As you walk along the Avenue of the Dead (the main walk way) you can hear the sounds of jaguars and hummingbirds (vendors sell toys that mimic these sounds). Even though it is crowded with tourist and vendors, it all blurs in comparison with the history of the place.

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