Style Chocolate Chip: December 2012

Late Merry Christmas

Friday, December 28, 2012

Shirt- Ralph Lauren | Slacks- H&M | Shoes- Steve Madden | Coat- via Victoria's Secret |Bag - Tory Burch | Bracelet - Poshlocket | Necklace- Betsey Johnson |

Well I hope everyone that celebrated Christmas had a wonderful time! I for one cannot believe Christmas came and went in a blink of an eye! where did it go?! 

 Since I am Mexican, our tradition is to celebrate on Christmas Eve and not Christmas day. My day consisted of washing and grooming my three little dogs ( actually my sister's and I's dogs) I do a pretty good job of leaving them nice and fluffy ( wish I could have taken a picture of all of them - as the past few days have been rainy , they managed to ruin their groomed hair -_-). The rest of the day was just cooking and eating and eating. This year my mom made mole... which is my all time favorite food. So I had seconds and thirds and fourths. At night we all went to church and when we got home ate again. 

Late Merry Christmas to everyone. XO-!! 

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Wish list

Friday, December 14, 2012

So Christmas is right around the corner !-And I thought it was a perfect time to create a wish list. These are a few things toping my list this year. Some of these I’ve been wishing for a long time… hopefully santa comes around this year! HO HO HO :) 

From the top Left to right |

Monogram Necklace - Who doesn't need this !? truth be told, I've been wanting one for too long! And it reminds me of the classic name necklace Baby spice use to wear back in the days...In a modern revival type of way ( does any one know what I am talking about ?) 

Wool coat- Every girl needs a nice warm coat , I mean are we supposed to freeze? This year I wanted to add a fun color in closet, I really like the almost burgundy color of this red coat. Holiday ready color! 

Snood - I've been eyeballing different types of snoods this season... I've seen some bright colored ones that I feel could go well with neutral coats and jackets. Also, fur ones and some with prints... regardless I want a snood that can keep my neck warm...and doubles as a great accessory !

THE Bag- I capitalize "the" because I've been wanting dreaming drooling over this bag! I'm not big on buying bags , for some reason when ever I go searching for a bag I always decide against it and buy shoes, or something. I usually wear the same bag with almost anything - a small side satchel type. BUT this bag is just dreamy! 

Plaid ruffled top - For the holidays I have been searching for a nice plaid shirt... then I ran into this one. It's plaid, has holiday colors, and has ruffles. What else could I ask for? I love it! I'm already planning outfits for this top. 

Iphone case (ring ring) (soft pattern) - Soooo I'm those type of people that constantly drops their phones... at least twice a day. Recently I had to get my screen replaced - so in the spirit of keeping my phone safe I figured I should get something to cover it up. I'm finding it hard to commit to a case, I really like my phone naked... although I have to admit these little covers are quite cute! 

Naked2- This product has been out in the market for a while now I know, its been at the top of my makeup wish list since it came out. I have the original Naked but I like the new shades in this palette, especially the black ( I have to admit I don't have a black eyeshadow - which is a must for a smokey eye) 


Tuesday, December 11, 2012

 Shirt- Forever21 | Skirt- Forever21 | Shoes- Pink&Pepper | Jewelry- H&M and Forever 21 | Watch- Betsey Johnson 

The weather lately has been very warm- I feel like I keep dressing like it's summer!- there's nothing wrong with it ... But shouldn't there be snow ? It doesn't snow where I live but if I drive 30 minutes I can usually find snow in the mountains...and there hasn't been any snow!

 A reminder that the holidays are finally here are all the beautiful lights adorning everyones homes. Aren't nights during the holidays beautiful ?!  
 I find it hard to believe that the holidays are right around the corner... but they are !! Are you ready?

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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Shirt- Walter Baker | Pants- GUESS | Shoes- KATE | Bracelet - via Nordstrom rack & Poshlocket 

Today I decided to try something new and pair like colors to achieve a monochromatic look. This shade of blue is a new favorite color of mine and decided it would be a perfect color for the look -I think the easiest color to achieve a monochromatic look would be black from head to toe. I broke up the color by layering two necklaces and some neutral pumps. I really like the monochromatic outfit idea - I think I will try to do a red outfit next...maybe.  

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A little fur

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

 Shirt - Lily Water | Pants Level99 | Vest - via TjMaxx | Boots - Betsey Johnson | Sunnies -Marc Jacobs | Watch- Betsey Johnson | Bracelets - studs: Forever21 Jewels: via Tjmaxx Bangle: Alex and Ani |

One of the latest trends I have totally jumped on board with are fur vests... they are every where! I've seen so many fellow bloggers wear fur vest with so many different outfits- they range from hipster, to glam, to girly. I've also seen fur in so many different colors- from pink, to blue, browns and blacks, and creams. The fur adds so much personality I feel. I love how versatile they are and their ability to make a statement  of any outfit.  

How do you feel about fur??

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Sweater Season

Monday, December 3, 2012

It's finally DECEMBER!!!! I'm way too excited for this month! and yet still I have to put up Christmas decorations and finish my Christmas shopping... Looks like this week will be a busy one.

 Lately, I've been lusting over  Christmas sweaters.... they are so festive and plain out cute. Here are my top picks for the seasons most festive sweaters... since it is SWEATER SEASON! 

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