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Purple Protein

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Happy Sunday everyone!
So full disclosure... I am absolutely NOT a healthy eater or fitness person . I can at eat a burger and drink about a gallon of coke a day. I love, love, love fast food and sweets just make my heart happy. #notsorry #iregretnothing 😋
As I grow older I'm starting to be more conscious of my terrible eating habits. And even though I am not willing to give up my junkie eating just yet...I am trying to balance things out with some healthy choices.
So, today I am sharing a super simple and yummy protein shake. Sometimes I drink protein shakes when I'm in a rush and don't have time for breakfast OR to just simply replace a meal. However, plain shakes with just milk and protein powder still leave me hungry. So adding fruit helps thicken up the shake and makes it taste extra yummy. Since the protein powder has a strong tastes (like an after taste) adding lime juice cancels out the protein powder intensity.
What you will need to make this purple smoothie:
< Ingredients >
1 cups of mixed berries- fresh or frozen 
1 Lime (you will need the juice of 1 lime and additional lime slices if you want to garnish)
Protein powder
In a blender add 1 cups of mixed berries. (I used a Costco frozen mix of raspberries, blackberries, and blueberries... but you can use any fresh or frozen berries too). Add milk (or water) until the berries are completely covered in the blender. Add about a half cup of ice. Squeeze in juice of lime (or to taste) . Add protein powder if your choice (according to directions of that particular powder).  Then blend until smooth. Voilà. A purple berry protein smoothie.
Hope you decide to try it out !

Hope you like it, love it!

Thanks for reading!


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