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Teeny Tiny Eiffel Tower Print

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Top- Express (sleeveless version here) | Shorts- Loft (identical here) | Jacket- Banana Republic (similar here) | Wedges- Vince (identical here, love these) | Clutch- Loft (similar here) | Necklace- Express (similar here, here)
Hi guys! 
Today I'm sharing this look with the cutest teeny tiny print.
I first saw this top and had to do a double take... the tiny Eiffel Towers are so cute! Not your average blue printed top at all! It is all in the details- always!
Express has always been a favorite of mine because I can always find something that becomes a staple in my closet. One item especially are the Portofino blouses. This year they have the CUTEST prints ! Love this watermelon one and this summer foods one. Over the years I have collected solid colors, but this year I have my eye on the prints!



Hope you like it, love it!
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Popsicle Print

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

 Top- Romwe (also love this one) | Jeans- similar here | Sandals- Target | Bag- Rebecca Minkoff |
 Ever since I saw this top, I've been in love. This cute popsicle print is just so stinking cute ! It reminds me of summer... and that makes me smile.
There are lots of print out there that just scream 'summer is here'. I personally, love all the fruit prints (watermelon, strawberry, pineapple, etc.), food prints, animal prints, and tropical prints. The list really could go on, but I'll stop my self.  
The one thing I'm dieting to get a hold of is something 'palm print'. Really though, it's more of a love hate relationship. I've seen soooo many items with palm print, that at some moments, I get irritated of the constant overkill of it. BUT... nonetheless, other moments... I just love it because the print is so fun and tropical that I can't stop obsessing. Anyhow, yes... I'm a little nutty. I can't ever make up my mind.
What is your favorite print for summer?

Hope you like it, love it !
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Rompin' Around

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

 Romper- Velvet Heart c/o | Jacket - Banana Republic | Sandals- Forever21 (identical pair here) | Bag- Loeffler Randall (similar here) | Watch- Michael Koru
Andddd it'ss hummppp daaayyyyy!
I will forever think of the camel from those GEICO commercials when it's Wednesday. Always .
Today I'm sharing this look featuring this cute romper from Velvet Heart. I think rompers in general become overly popular during the summer because of how effortless and refreshing they are. They are basically comfy dresses, and I can get with that.

Hope you like it, love it!
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Flamingo Bright

Thursday, June 11, 2015

 Top- (is really a shift dress worn as a shirt, similar here and here) | Jeans - similar here and here | Bag- Dooney & Bourke | Scarf- via Nordstrom Rack (similar here)  | Watch- Michael Kors | Sandals- Zara (similar here)

Happy Thursday (aka Weekends Eve) !
So yesterday was one of those days, those awful nothing works out kinda days. I knew it was going to be a wierd day when I got crazyyyy jittery from overdosing on coffee and coke (yupppp my breakfast was a giant coffe, a bottle of Coke, BUT also a water bottle). Usually I'm fine with loads of caffeine but not yesterday. To not get into too many details about my day, I'll summarize by saying I literally, threw my hands in the air and said 'forget it'! By the end of the day I had to stop myself and just laugh. Sometimes things just don't go as you plan and that's life. What do you do? All you really can do is:  go to bed, sleep it off, and try again the next day.
On a brighter note, let me go on a quick ramble about how obsessed I am with anything Flamingo. I blame Kate Spade and their new line that has flamingo everything. I can't stop running into this cute print and I'm totally in love with it. Mainly because I love pink and second because I love birds... especially those that remind me of a magical tropical beach somewhere. (In my head flamingos live on beaches and are magical like unicorns). Maybe I just need a vacation OR maybe I need to ease off all the caffeine. For now ill take the retail therapy.


More of this cute flamingo print.....

Hope you like it, love it!
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Purple Protein

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Happy Sunday everyone!
So full disclosure... I am absolutely NOT a healthy eater or fitness person . I can at eat a burger and drink about a gallon of coke a day. I love, love, love fast food and sweets just make my heart happy. #notsorry #iregretnothing 😋
As I grow older I'm starting to be more conscious of my terrible eating habits. And even though I am not willing to give up my junkie eating just yet...I am trying to balance things out with some healthy choices.
So, today I am sharing a super simple and yummy protein shake. Sometimes I drink protein shakes when I'm in a rush and don't have time for breakfast OR to just simply replace a meal. However, plain shakes with just milk and protein powder still leave me hungry. So adding fruit helps thicken up the shake and makes it taste extra yummy. Since the protein powder has a strong tastes (like an after taste) adding lime juice cancels out the protein powder intensity.
What you will need to make this purple smoothie:
< Ingredients >
1 cups of mixed berries- fresh or frozen 
1 Lime (you will need the juice of 1 lime and additional lime slices if you want to garnish)
Protein powder
In a blender add 1 cups of mixed berries. (I used a Costco frozen mix of raspberries, blackberries, and blueberries... but you can use any fresh or frozen berries too). Add milk (or water) until the berries are completely covered in the blender. Add about a half cup of ice. Squeeze in juice of lime (or to taste) . Add protein powder if your choice (according to directions of that particular powder).  Then blend until smooth. Voilà. A purple berry protein smoothie.
Hope you decide to try it out !

Hope you like it, love it!

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Friday, June 5, 2015

Top- Velvet Heart c/o | Shorts- JCrew Factory (similar here) | Sandals- Forever21 (identical here for only $33 !) | Watch- Michael Kors | Rings- similar options here, here, here, here, love this bow ring!)
Happy Friday Everyone!!
So today being National Doughnut Day AND Friday, makes it a special kick off the weekend! 😋
I have a full belly and happy heart ...and that is pretty good in my book.
Anyhow, today's outfit is a casual everyday look. I'm a huge fan of chambray (have I ever mentioned that before!?). I feel like a broken record saying I love Chambrays... but I mean I do, and who doesn't?! This sleeveless tie-dye top from Velvet Heart is one of my new summer staples. Sleeveless tops are a must for the rising temperatures and the subtle tie-dye make it versatile enough to pair with other colors and prints. Today I paired this top with these super cute polka dot short (they sold out pretty quick, however I found this similar pair that is also polka dot cuteness ) !

Hope you like it, love it!
Thanks for reading!
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