Style Chocolate Chip: Our Visit to Thailand: Being a tourist in during a quick trip to Bangkok

Our Visit to Thailand: Being a tourist in during a quick trip to Bangkok

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Hi, all! Today I am finally sharing some of the pictures from our trip to Thailand. It took such a long time to sort through all of them and edit everything. So I will be splitting the content up. So this blog post will be a general round up and what we saw, where we stayed, what we did and what I wore on our couple days in Bangkok. 

We stayed at the Lebua at State Tower Hotel which was so beautiful!This hotel was seriously amazing, it was so luxurious and relaxing! 

 I have never had such bad jetlag- but 18 hours of traveling will do that. The first day I pushed through to stay awake. It also didn’t help that I had a terrible cold and a painful cough. But between our room’s bathtub, dreamy pool and a yummy Mai Tai I quickly felt like I my self again. 

This day we woke up early (which is why the pool looks empty) and had breakfast by the pool (which was included with the hotel). Quite frankly the pool at the Lebua hotel was probably my favorite part of my stay in Bangkok!

To be honest Bangkok was not what I expected. It was a dirty city with lots of pollution. And unfortunately, we were not able to visit any of the temples. And it's not that I'm trying to be snobby (because my family is from Mexico City which is also dirty and full of pollution) but the city it's self was not what I expected. Its definitely not a place to walk the streets. So- from my experience I recommend a good hotel room where you can unwind from the chaos of the city traffic. 

On our full day in Bangkok we visited the Floating Markets. We drove for hours to get there, passing miles and miles of palm trees. #jungleAF 

One of the most relaxing sunsets. After so much travel watching these pretty colors cover the sky was the best. 

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