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Valentine's Day Love: Easy Recipes Ideas

Monday, February 13, 2017

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Happy Valentine's Day Loves!!

 I just wanted to jump on here and share a little love. 

I am Mexican and growing up February 14 was always "Dia del amor y la amistad"...which means day of love and friendship. So that terminology always stuck with me...instead of the romanticized American version that focuses on couples. Even though I love to celebrate my significant other, I also love to celebrate my parents, my friends, and my sister...ya know...all the people I love. 

But also, all of you. 

I hope you have a beautiful day, and treat your self to that extra glass of champagne. CHEERS!

So just in case you need some inspiration on how to celebrate and share some are some Pinterest things you can do today that are super simple. Simple is better when a holiday is in the middle of the I right?!

For those that like Dessert first...
So this idea tops my list because it just sound so easy and so good. I would have never though of pairing these two things together..but I am game. All in the name of love right?!

For the chocolate lovers...
I love this idea because obviously I love chocolate chip cookies. Also most ingredients you can buy remade and all you have to do is create some cut outs, melt some chocolate, dip..and voila!

For the those who love baked goods...
I love this idea because you can also cheat the recipe and buy a store bought cinnamon roll dough, cut and shape into hears, decorate with your favorite fruit, and done!! (Honestly, cinnamon rolls made from scratch taste so much better. But, if you don't have that kind of time Trader Joe's has a good refrigerated pack.)

For the Dinner plans...
I worked as a waitress for a couple years in college. I spent two Valentines day service other couple...and I learned that Valentine's Day is the worst day to go out for Diner. Being the one serving food sucked but also being on the other side of it... waiting to be seated in over crowded restaurants also sucked. So I like the idea of staying in for Dinner. I found some cute heart shaped cutter at TJmaxx and though of making it for Valentin's day. Making dough seems simple we'll see. 

Hope you like it, love it!

Thanks for reading!


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