Style Chocolate Chip: Unicorn At Heart

Unicorn At Heart

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Tee- Thread Tank c/o | Bag- Rebecca Minkoff | Necklace- Gorjana c/o , The Two Hand Exchange c/o | Sunnies- Le Spec | Watch- Christian Paul c/o | Bracelet- Larimar 

Happy Valentine's Day Everyone!!

So like I mentioned in the previous post, I don't like to go out to restaurants on Valentine's Day. Too many people equals too much chaos. So realistically I'll be wearing this cute tee, attempting to make homemade heart shaped ravioli. Yes...I'll be pouring that wine. 

So today I am sharing this really cute and simple look. I adore this tee..."unicorn at heart" is basically truth on a T-shirt haha. I've worn tees by Thread Tank before and I love their cleaver slogans- too cute. I am a huge t-shirt sister makes fun of me because if I am home I will change like four times a day. This is not because I am crazy but because I usually get my self dirty, I am the biggest klutz! But, usually it's fine because I have a huge inventory of t-shirts I lounge in when I am home...or out and about. Anyhow, I love that they can be dressed up or down and still be cute.

Anyhow, have a love-filled day! Be safe and enjoy. Cheers!!

Hope you like it, love it!

Thanks for reading!


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