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Bestie Gift Guide

Friday, November 18, 2016

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Happy Holiday Countdown!!

I finally dawned on me... Thanksgiving is this Thursday. And that mean Christmas will roll around super quick. 

So... today I am sharing some of my favorite gift ideas for your bestie, cousin, or sister !! 

So this one is on the top of my list for your bestie because these items are cute and functional. Who doesn't need an extra phone charger and tech gloves that you allow you to use your phone. 

This item will be in almost all my gift guides because it's fail proof. One side does fit all, and everyone loves a warm scarf that they can snuggle in. 

Give gifts that sparkle, and keep your eyes looking oh so cute! I also really love this #Bestie Cuff.. you and your bestie need this! 

This is a great time of year to snag some great value sets. I love shopping beauty packs because they are usually come in a variety of colors or scents. 

I decided to include this because it is just to darn cute. I also love that card holders can replace a wallet when you are carrying a smaller bag and a traditional wallet can be bulky. 

Ok, so can we talk about how rare it is to actually print photos nowadays?! I remember when I would anxiously wait for film to be developed to see pictures. However, now phones have taken over and pictures are only posted online. Well this is a cute way to treasure moments- snap a pic and keep if forever. 

This is also a fail proof gift. I personally love new cups ... it's an addiction. But for gifts they can also be such a cute way to hold gift cards. 

So this is a cute way to plan a getaway with your bestie. Gift this with a pre-determined signed a save the date. And everyone needs a planner for the new year...time to fill it up and get excited about new adventures together!!

So what better way to secure a workout partner! I have such a hard time committing to working out... so if you are planning a new years resolution that is work out related, this is a great way to find a work out buddy :)

Hope you like it, love it!

Thanks for reading!


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