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Packing Essentials with eBags

Friday, November 6, 2015

Hello everyone, Happy Friday!!
To kick off the weekend, today I'm sharing some travel essentials with eBags.
Full disclosure... I am the worst packer. I constantly overpack and my suitcase always looks like a mess. BUT, not today !
With the Holidays here, it's the perfect time to share tips  and tricks on packing an organized yet stylish go bag.
I've simplified my knowledge of packing into 5 tips and tricks:
1.       Make a list- be objective on how much you really need. I always have to make a list to make sure I don’t forget anything. Like, don't forget you toothbrush and pack pajamas ( I more often than not, forget both of these). I also like to plan outfits for each day and check things off as the go in my bag. I've become obsessed with these packing cubes because I can keep my pieces organized. I like to pack shirts in one, sweaters in another, and swimwear or underwear in the small one. As everything goes in the cubes, I can check it off my list. As I take things out to get dressed, I can keep everything organized without shuffling my whole bag to find one thing.
2.      Pack versatile pieces–  I like to bring layers that work well with different outfits. Sometimes you don’t want to wear the outfit you planed. So versatile pieces make it easy to rework an outfit from your suitcase. This goes for accessories too (especially during colder months, it’s easier to pack a neutral scarf or hat that pairs well with several outfits).
3.      Keep jewelry organized!- There is nothing worse than packing your jewelry and arriving to your destination ready to dress up... and realizing that it’s tangled or broken. This happens to me all the time! I've packed my jewelry all together in one baggy or box... and they all rub together, get tangled and break. I love this organizer bag because it keeps my jewelry separated and organized, and reminds me to pack all my other toiletries too- plus its such a cute design!
4.     Pack strategic pairs of shoes- There are three key shoes you need for any getaway: a walking shoe (sneakers), a casual shoe (flats), and a dress shoe (heels). A fourth shoe can be a special needs shoe (like rain boots , snow boots, or flip flops). Also, remember to pack them at the bottom of your suit case. When you stand your bag upright the weight will shift- pushing the heaviest items to the bottom.
5.     Avoid packing at the last minute- When I pack last minute, I've always bring way too many thing (many that I don't even need) AND I forget essential pieces.  It's also important to do some research - yes research! For example weather forecasts or possible activities you plan on doing. One year I went to New Orleans for Mardi Gras, and I did not pack one jacket or sweater- I assumed it would be warm ( biggggg mistake, it was freezing- long story short I purchased a gift shop hoodie, yup that was cute with all my outfits I packed -_- ) Another time I went to up the mountains, I packed outfits not realizing that we would walk around alot and be in the snow- silly me had only packed flats and dress boots; yea that works for snow -_- ) Anyhow, lessons have been learned. And now, I am a better packer because of it.
But always remember to improvise if you do forget something. Don't sweat it if you do forget your pajamas, or forget a sweater. That's what stores are for- a little shopping never hurt nobody ;) .
Suitcase- Hartmann via eBags
Packing Cubes- via ebags
Toiletry Bag- Amy Butler for Kalencom via eBags

Hope you like it, love it !
Thanks for reading!

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