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Your New Favorite Tote

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Hey guys! Today I have the pleasure to spread to the word about this beautiful tote!  I wanted to share a little about a gorgeous new tote that was recently launched by DAAME. The bag is absolutely beautiful AND best of all it has different compartments to keep you organized- Your stuff will never be lost again!

This tote is completely work friendly and crafted specifically for women that want to keep things organized. It is definitely about time a bag was created to be beautiful and functional. They hand craft their bags in L.A. with Italian leather to achieve a one of kind bag. #daamechanger 

Beyond the functionality of the bag, the best thing ( and what caught my attention) is that they give 5% to go toward providing long-term services and education for girls in need. I really love their philosophy " We are a life-loving group with a radical notion that we could shift the life trajectory of a girl in need... We believe in investing in a girl, we can not only improve the quality of her life but the society at large." Read more about their cause here

When I first started my blog, I had the intention of sharing my personal style and great products out there that I particularly loved. It is especially meaningful when I get to share products that have purposeful/important  values. In todays society it is hard to find companies that care about others. However, some companies do give back.

 Education is something many us take for granted. And I am not referring to a Bachelor's Degree but to literacy. 
DAAME is " excited to launch their product with Outliers International , which is dedicated to providing safety and education for girls in the village of Minawar, Pakistan where the literacy rate for women is as low as 12%."  

As a woman, I think it is extremely important that we try to help each other out. Help spread the word- sign up for the newsletter here. Sign up and enjoy your members only gift

Below is a little idea on how to wear the tote. Personally, I think it is wearable with just about anything. The simple but ultra chic design is perfect for everyday. 

Above outfit details: Shirt // Sunnies // Bag // Necklace // Sandals // Jeans //

So please, do my a favor and sign up for their newsletter here

You never know who you many help!... While staying organized and looking ultra chic!

Hope you like it! Love it!

Thanks for reading!


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